Veggie August 6th – 9th

A quick update on Veggie August, it’s been easy work the last few days. Saturday I had mushroom burgers and some tasty veggie burgers from Sainsbury’s and Sunday morning consisted of scrambled egg wraps with veggie sausages from Sainsbury’s. Sunday we went out with some friends for lunch, the vegetarian option was pasta in tomato sauce with goats cheese? I felt cheated that I didn’t get a carvery 🙁

Monday night we met up with family at a restaurant, it consisted of potato skins, bruschetta, pasta with a load of roast veg and a goats cheese and red pepper pizza. Pleasing but fairly obvious!

Tonight we had red pepper and goats cheese quiche (a pattern is emerging!), it was quick and easy.

Tomorrow it looks like I’m going to do butternut squash, new potato and spinach curry, I’m craving a bit of variety!

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