Today I sat down to configure a set of Apple iPads to connect to our institutional Wi-Fi network, we use eduroam based around a WPA2 setup.

For anyone who has already used Apple Configurator you’ll know it’s pretty straight forward. Enter a few network details, give it a certificate if needed, save and refresh your devices.

It didn’t go as easy as that. I’d previously setup an Apple TV to connect to the network so I knew I could use Apple Configurator to do what I needed, I went about entering the network details, SSID, Security Type, Protocols and Trusts etc. But whenever I pushed the profiles to the devices they wouldn’t connect to the wireless network.

Apple Configurator
Apple Configurator – Getting the right settings for Eduroam

It all came down to the Security Type setting, although we use WPA2 Enterprise it didn’t seem to like that option and only when (3 hours later) I tried Any (Enterprise) did it actually work.

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  1. Yea, 1.4 Configurator is still a work in progress. On the Apple discussions boards there are a number of issues being raised. Hopefully they have a 1.4.1 release soon.
    Had not run into your WIFI password problem because I had it set for “Any”

    With the iOS 7 devices we still have to manually configure a couple of things on the iPad after the restoration process.

    1. I think I’ve found the thread you’re on about, I was just going to post about still having to complete two steps of initial setup (Wi-Fi and Location services) even after completing it on the master device.

      Really frustrating, deploying a backup that should just work to 22 devices but still having to complete the initial setup on each one!

  2. Would love to know how you got this done. Tried copying the picture with Apple Configurator 1.6 and AppleTV 6.2 and while it appears that the profile installs, it never actually grabs an IP address from eduroam when I reset the device (169.254.x.x). This has been incredibly frustrating.

    1. Glad you got it sorted Andrew, I didn’t go through the steps of deploying a certificate using a profile, I just thought that people who needed certificates would do what they needed to at the “give it a certificate if needed” step!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Sorry to ressucect this old post … but I’m struggling to get my AppleTV working within our institutions eduroam in Germany.

    AppleTV successfully connects to the eduroam WiFi, and both my iPhone and Macbook “see” the AppleTV. But when trying to connect, after a few seconds of trying, I always get an error message telling me “Could not connect to Apple TV”.

    Have you any idea why, or how I could fix that?
    Thanks, Christoph

    1. Hi Christoph, I could be completely wrong but that sounds more like a firewall/network issue. Maybe some of the ports it needs are closed?

      1. Hi Rich,

        thanks for the quick reply! Closed ports was my first thought, but after checking with our IT within eduroam there are no ports blocked, so communication between iPhone and AppleTV both connected to eduroam should not be blocked. Unfortunately they have no clue why it isnt working…

        AppleTV cannot connect to the itunes store if I try to login (due to closed ports to the outside world I guess). But theoretically this should not prevent using it for Airplay…

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